Friday, August 17, 2012

Brigitte turned 4!

For her birthday this year, Brigitte requested a NIGHT MARE MOON party. Yes, you heard correctly. the wicked pony from the my little pony friendship is magic series. 
THIS is nightmare moon, in case you havent met:
She is also known as "princess Luna" but that was before she turned wicked and lost all the elements of harmony in ponyville. 
Its ok, I had no idea what Brigitte was talking about either.

I crafted up this shockingly ridiculous invitation that rhymes:

And did my very best to bedazzle a birthday party with the help of Allie from my ward who is 12 and one day aspires to be a party planner. So cute. She came and wound purple and blue crepe paper over every single piece of furniture we own. We blew up balloons and threw up a puff or two, then hung homemade pony garlands from everything. 

Thank you goody bags full of candy. I was lacking creatively for this party - theres not much "nightmare moon" paraphernalia out there. And the main stuff I found on Pinterest was geared more towards cowgirls and hayrides. not so much on good ponies turned bad.

The one and only activity we did was to decorate your own pony. The kids colored and glittered them, adding hair and a "cutie mark". The girls made ponies and the boys made "bronies". I know, clever.  
After that they ran wild in the backyard and toy room until we ate pizza and cake.

 Im totally serious - this was Brigittes birthday cake. A $6 walmart special which I carefully applied giant ponies to. Its what she wanted and she picked it out herself. The annoying part was it was deceptively delicious and I might have eaten most of the spray painted frosting myself. curse you walmart bakery.
Brigitte didnt really like being sung to and wouldnt blow out her candle. Lila helped her through it though and somehow she managed to not cry during the birthday song. She is SO SHY sometimes. Bless her heart, she gets it from me. No, seriously. i USED to be shy.

This year was the FIRST year brigitte fully understood about PRESENTS. Instead of buying her a few junky toys I craigslisted this amazing dollhouse and FILLED it with over 100 ponies (also from craigslist).  It was a great present and has proved to be quite popular with the little boys as well! Here is the house it came fully furnished and is big enough for barbies:

Brigitte LOVES my little ponies and this party was like a dream come true for her. Its so fun to indulge in their obsessions when they're little - because she REALLY believes in nightmare moon. Its pretty hilarious.

Right now Brigitte:
Loves noodles (ramen) morning noon and night. its all she wants to eat.
Is obsessed with wolves, cougars, and bears. (thanks Gabe for filling our kids with irrational animal fears)
Can tell a pretty hilarious story involving pocohontas at red fish lake swimming with mermaids
Is in LOVE with Alvin. As in the chipmunk.
Is NOT in love with Pingu anymore.
Sings songs word for word and quotes movies and shows perfectly (she gets this from me lol)
Still RUNS everywhere she goes and has boundless energy
HATES potatoes! She literally gags on them.
Loves to babysit benett, wipe his face and hands, call him chubbas or little beefcake, and attempt to carry him. (hilarious, because he is SO HUGE)
REALLY loves to boss spencer around. And she calls him "Pence". Pence follow me! hurry up Pence! Good thing spencer doesnt mind and just does his best to follow orders!
Is a tender heart and you can crush her so easily. Sometimes just by looking at her sternly
Still has a "warmie" which is an old electric blanket (safe, I know) that she smells like an addict while she sucks her pointer finger upside down.
LOVES coloring and is very creative with her art.
Is a mommas girl AND a daddys girl.

And finally my most favorite thing about brigitte right now is the hilarious things she thinks up to say to me. This was a recent one that literally made me cry with laughter after she spilled her entire bowl of breakfast all over the computer keyboard the other morning:

"Mom, say to me, Thats alright little darling, it was just a accident. mothers dont mind. THATS what you say to me. not BRIGITTE UUUUGGGGHHHH!!!"

What else could I do but hug her and die laughing?
We love ya Brigi girl!


jayna said...

She is a delightful piece of work...equal parts broadway star and introvert! And it was a great party!!

The Cannons said...

Love that last quote. Hilarious!