Thursday, August 16, 2012

I cant believe all that has happened in just a few short weeks. We literally have lived in a whirlwind this past month! I have about 300 blog posts needing to be written. Brigittes birthday.....the horrors of redfish lake! We have much to discuss. And finally after tonight I will be able to focus on something other than the playhouse rafffle!

If you live in Boise and want a free fun thing to do tonight, come on out and enjoy the fun. Id love to see some familiar faces. Ticket sales will of course be open right up until the Preeces draw a winner, so its not too late to enter :)

And to everyone everywhere that has helped us along, through donations, support, spreading the word, and buying tickets - THANK YOU. More than you ever will know, you have meant the world to this project.

And dont get too excited.....but last week we were given another playhouse :) People are amazing. And there is no doubt in my mind that there is a larger hand guiding these projects into completion. I have been stretched beyond my physical, mental, and emotional capacities to the EXTREME, and we are! SUCCEEDING! It just goes to show you that when you are willing....somehow things happen. We are going to have yet another opportunity to help some very deserving kids find forever families. Not sure yet HOW this will happen - but again, Im just going to put myself out there and see!

Thanks again to you all. My 2 loyal readers :) I promise Ill update personal family stuff soon. Ive just been juggling a LOT lately!
See you tonight?


Emily said...

Christy, I wish there were 2 of me- 1 so I could help you with this GINORMOUS project and the other could take care of my 5 kids! Just know if I wasn't nursing every 3 seconds I would be there. And tonight is the busiest night of all with Travis gone. If he were here, I'd let him take all the kids to get everything done, but we have to meet the kids teachers at school & see the classroom tonight and then Scouts/Pack meeting- or I'd get a sitter, but it's parent stuff, darn it! Good luck! Love you! And again, you are an angel my dear.

stadia said...


If you need help with babysitting or anything, I can ride the bus out. My schedule can be changed if you need help. dont make yourself sick even for good causes.

megan&steve said...

Christy, you are Supermom and super friend. You can take on these projects and find great success. Good luck tonight and enjoy yourself!

The Woodlands said...

Don't think I have ever wanted to live in Boise so bad! Good luck tonight - and judging by my being the 4th comment, I think you have left plenty of us on pins and needles waiting for your next post! I love your blog, and I LOVE the Red Riding Hood cottage!