Friday, August 31, 2012

The Secret Underground

Dont you love it when you know a really cool person who actually DOES something you wish you had the talent to do???

My sister's bff Natalie Bahm just wrote and published a book called THE SECRET UNDERGROUND. (its official release is sept 28th so preorder NOW on amazon and apple!) I just bought my kindle copy for $3.99

The Secret Underground is a middle grade adventure about a girl named Ally who discovers all the boys in her neighborhood are digging a tunnel to an abandoned steel mill.

An actual real live BOOK! Its pretty impressive.
YOu can even WIN a copy of it here on goodreads!

But here is REALLY why its a good idea to buy this book. 
100% of all proceeds go to help out little baby Jayden from New Zealand who is struggling with a myriad of health problems.
100%. EVERY PENNY. You can read all about Jayden and his struggles HERE. Isnt he adorable?

So you get to read Nat's awesome book (which hoestly, ive heard, really IS awesome.) and you get to help out a little family who is desperately trying to stay afloat with their chronically ill child.

Its a win win.
So excited to know a real live author! And one with a generous heart as well!!!!
Congrats Natalie!


Di said...

That is pretty awesome & what a grwat cause to help. And that was such a great shout out to Nat. Way to go Christy.

Anonymous said...

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