Friday, September 21, 2012

the equivalent of pinterest?

Brigitte started preschool a few weeks ago.....
Bless her heart this was traumatic for her. 

I had hopes and dreams of snapping the classic pinterest picture of her smiling from ear to ear whilst holding an adorable homemade sign in an extra fancy font that stated her name, year in school, and all her likes and dislikes. 

Something like this:

Instead....this was our shot:

Kinda sad. kinda hilarious. Brigitte HATES getting her picture taken. She just hates the attention I think, or possibly having to hold still and make eye contact for more than 2 seconds while smiling. If you recall, all the pictures we have of brigitte to date, are just a blur of her running by.

So I guess technically we are making progress!

If she were making eye contact and smiling at the camera holding a cute sign, this is what it would say:
Brigitte Sept.2012
I am obsessed with eating noodles,
function on roughly 6 hours of sleep a night
refuse to wear sleeves, pants, or anything that is NOT pink
cant be bothered to flush a toilet, although I enjoy ripping entire rolls of toilet paper into itty bitty pieces and scattering them on the floor.
I love making huge piles of blankets, stuffed animals, and other small trinkets
enjoy my brothers as long as they do as I say
have an irrational fear of pricking my finger on a spinning wheel spindle
cant tolerate hair brushing or braids or pony tails of any kind
and..... I just want to be a little girl when I grow up.


jayna said...

I don't have to see her face to know that look--it is the same one you have in every childhood picture! So the moral of the story is that Brig will grow up to be a beautiful, out going funny girl...when she's good and ready!

Jana said...

Coincidentally, I also enjoy my brothers as long as they do what I say... and function on roughly 6 hours of sleep (function being a relative term, of course).

When you figure out how to get children to look at the camera, you should let me know!!

Erin said...

i love her. i do not know her but i love her! happy first day of preschool little one.

SmallTownJulia said...

haha.. she has so much personality. I love the honesty, you should print that on the photo and keep it anyway. It's perfect!