Sunday, November 4, 2007

IdyllWild Weekend o'fun

This should have been posted a while ago, but we lost our camera we are just now able to show off our cute married friends and the fun weekend we tenderly shared in Idyllwild. Special thanks to Amy and Travis for housing us and allowing us to partake of their excellent cabin goodness!

Here we all are on our way into town. As you can see Diedra was'extra' excited! It was a tad bit freezing and misty but that did not stand in our way!

Here we are taking a load off at "ye old mercantile."

Cabin time included sitting fully clothed including winter scarf/vest in front of the blazing fire. HEAVEN!

The Smiths, Woodlands, and Beals lookin festive and ready to purchase some useless trinkets!
*Not pictured - the Fagos. Who were home trying to keep Avenleigh from making an early appearance!

Gabe in distress at the thought of leaving. Back to the city we go!

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Mark & Deidra Smith said...

Love the picture of my EXCITEMENT!!! Shopping & Passion Fruit Snowcones...what more can a girl ask for. What a relaxing weekend. It was great spending time with YA'LL in Idyllwild. I need you to send me a CD with those great pic's.