Monday, November 5, 2007

An letter home to the farm: NOTHIN BUT 'MISERY'

Well I just thought I would write a small little update on our crazy life, so Shelley's inbox would have some mail in it!

Not much is going on here in San Diego, but thankfully the fires have all been taken care of and the smoke and ash have died down. It seems like everything has returned to normal. The weather has dramatically cooled off (in the 60's! we are wimps!) and I have been LOVING my scarves and jackets! I even caught Gabe in a long sleeved hooded sweatshirt earlier this week...which is a rare thing (as he is far too 'manly' to admit to being cold!) Anyway, its a nice change from the summer heat.

And while we are on the topic of Gabe being "Manly" lets discuss his recent back injury. It all started a few weeks ago with church ball (as all of his injuries do). Apparently he hurt himself worse than the usual 'old man' maladies that he complains about anytime he does something physically taxing. He was limping and slow and aching and eating advil like there was no tomorrow! I just thought it was the evil sport of footbal that was to blame and encouraged him to give it up for good in order to keep his body intact. (Of course he wont take my brilliant advice.)

And then this weekend while he was replacing the rear brakes on my car - bless his heart - he made the mistake of BENDING OVER and completely threw out his back! He called me and told me he was a cripple. I blew it off thinking it was like all the other dramatic phone calls claiming hed been maimed and ruined....until he came hobbling home. I use the word HOBBLING in the literal sense. It looked like Kathy Bates had just taught him a real lesson.

So he ate 4, yes 4 - ALEVE (can you hear his liver crying???) at the coaxing of Ben coates, who claimed he took 3 at a time all the time. However, Ben is tad bit taller than Gabe (ABOUT A FOOT) and had been working up to his habit for quite a while. And then, as if that wasnt enough, Gabe followed it up with a dayquil chaser because he caught the head cold/sinus infection that I brought home from work! Needless to say, I freaked out and considered pumping his stomach, but settled on a loud dramatic lecture on unnecessary medicating instead!
So my drugged up, broken, sick husband pretty much laid on a pillow throne in the living room all weekend with huge ice packs on his spine. We struggled through sacrament meeting for about 10 minutes, and then he had to stand up like an old man and pace around the halls. Sitting down is really painful because it crushes the nerve that runs down his leg. Anyway, we went home and the misery has continued through today. Thankfully, he went to a chiropractor and got adjusted.

Apparently the injury could be one of two things: a herniated disc (really bad) or a subluxation (painful, but short term). The doc worked his magic and sent him back to work telling him that if it was just a subluxation that the pain should be gone by tomorrow afternoon. But if it was a herniated disc, he would need to come in weekly for the next few months and do absolutely nothing physically strenuous in the mean time. And then here is the kicker: DOING THE DISHES IS OFF LIMITS! HA! I almost choked when Gabe said this. Apparently Gabe is banned from housework until he has miraculously healed. I think I may need to call this doctor and check the facts. UNBELIEVABLE. Why do I feel like if it were me in his office he would have told me that watching football naked (gabes ultimate dream come true) would be the best way to heal my broken back!!! SHEESH.

Its a good thing it takes Gabe at least 20 minutes to put on his clothes in the morning, or else I would question the true severity of his injury! For now, I guess Ill be doing the dishes. (But just until I catch him doing football drills in the living room when he thinks im not watching!!!)

It may be less exciting to all of you than for me, but my cat MOSES officially became a dad last night to 4 adorable kittens! My best friend Jamie sent me the text message this morning and I am THRILLED! My brilliant matchmaking efforts have paid off! That means at Christmas time I can go see them and pick one out. Gabe doesn't want to accept the truth yet, but I feel confident that I can convince him how badly i need one! Jory, you should join me in this!
We put our condo for sale and for rent on craigslist. We are just testing the waters to see if anyone is interested. So far, we had one offer to rent, but Gabe thinks it is a scam somehow because the guy is british and wants his company to send us the check. I dotn know how anyone could scam rent out of people, but I dont trust my instincts since I get scammed all the time! We have been looking for houses again, because the market is just so good to buy right now. So far, we can afford a trailor park mansion, and a large chicken coop out in east county. I know you are all jealous :)

Work is going great for both Gabe and I. Gabe seems to love his new company, although he is slightly bored and still waiting to really get settled into an office and stuff. My hours changed from5-4, to 6-5 so I get to sleep in an extra hour. I actually miss the old time schedule because now that I have to stay until 5 my day feels so much longer. I am DYING to quit though because the baby is doing so well and I dont feel like a nurse anymore as much as I feel like the glorified babysitter. I am ready for another 4 pound newborn baby.

Well that pretty much sums up our life at the moment. Sorry this turned out so long :)Hope everything is going well on the farm, I am happy to have missed the recent 'cow pruning' of branding and dehorning. YUCK! Shelley, you are a true pioneer out in the wild country! I dont know how you do it!!

Love to you all, Christy and her 'kept man' Gabe


Jayna & Family said...

Love the catch up, even if it was only for farm people. Poor Gate and his injuries. Take it from another disgruntled wife- Church basketball is the root of all injury evil and should be done away with. I should be grateful that his last injury has permanently benched Tyler, but after a full year of carrying two sleeping girls up the stairs to their beds, I've earned the right to still complain. Well, good luck on the house hunt! I remember our CA house hunting days...when the caption "Spanish Charmer" meant a 1 bedroom shack with a Mexican serape hanging from a broken window...a real steal at only $800,000 (OK, that was in Santa Barbara, but it was a real life MLS add I swear!)

Matt and Kelly Woodland said...

I just have to comment on a few things here:
A. I LOVE moses and would love one of his offspring if my husband didn't vehemently object to small nimals.
B. I have to vouch for Shelly's raising of children...Gabe was spotted at the 13th Ward this Past Sunday Standing, YES STANDING (since he can't sit with *the bad sciatica*) and listening to TESTIMONY MEETING...all the while my apostate booty wanted to be home watching the Chargers lose. Good upbringing on that one!
C. I don't trust Brit's either...they eat things like Bangers and Mash!!