Thursday, February 7, 2008

WOO HOO! (A superbowl confession by Gabe)

Oh my heck! I've never had a better day in my life! The Super Bowl was the greatest game ever! The only thing that would have made it better is if the Redskins would have been playing, but I am soooo pleased that the mighty, mighty Patriots have fallen! It is sweet, sweet.Now I have a small confession. Ya see, I happened to see the odds for the Giants to win the Super Bowl 3 weeks ago when Hart, Dad, and I were in Vegas on our way up to Idaho and I was tempted, and then I fell. Yes, I placed my first official sporting bet and I put down $10 bucks that the Giants would win. They only had 1 in 12 odds and still had to beat the Packers to even get to the Super Bowl. Well, today I'm $120 richer, well- Christy is $120 richer because I had to forfeit my earnings to her in an effort to redeem myself from my very dumb and impulsive decision to gamble (I'll place a bet for any of you if you want to make a buck, I think this may be my true calling).

Anyway, betting aside- that was the funnest game ever. I invited Alex, Anna, Mitzi, and Scott over to the Crandall's for the game. I felt bad about inviting people over since it's not even my house, but we were all hanging out last night, so I figured we would just be upstairs and out of the way. Wrong! We were so loud! Alex and I were yelling and screaming the entire game. It was so fun. The last minute of the game we had the entire household upstairs just to watch us scream and yell at the T.V.- they didn't even care about the football excitement- they couldn't believe that 2 grown men could act so strangely. I do apologize and promise that next year I will have the party at my own house and then it will be full throttle; I had to hold back my true emotions at the risk that I may have been committed to the insane asylum.

Well Idaho is treating us so well. It hasn't stopped snowing since we crossed the state line. I think that our absence from the beautiful gem state must have been directly linked to the drought. We apologize for being gone so long and for all of the water wars and burnt crops that have been a direct result of our time in California. The Crandall's have been the greatest hosts and it has really been a seamless move. We are getting really comfortable staying here. I in fact am getting very comfortable in their kitchen and in their sauna- it's great! Heck- I think everyone should move in with their in-laws! It's the BEST!

We have been out with Hart looking at houses since we got here and we think that we have found our home. We just need to decide if we want to buy that house or have the same model built brand new with our custom colors and modifications to make it perfect. The house that we found is a model home that a Builder is using to show his properties. We LOVE it, but he's not too excited about relocating his sales office, so he wants to build us the same house. He promised he could have it built in 60 days, but the financing is a little more complicated went you need a construction loan vs. just a home purchase loan, so we'll have to see what we can work out. This house is our dream house though, it is so nice. It has all of the things that we want, but the very best thing is it has a master walk-in, door less, double shower headed, shower! Amazing! Everything else is just fluff, but the shower is golden!

My job is going great! I really like my new boss and my construction team. I've been busy trying to catch up with the paper work and contract buyout, but I'll be fine. I've been assigned to be the Project Manager of the new Boise Airport air terminal tower. It's going to be a 300 foot concrete tower at the airport. It's definitely a step up from the other jobs I've worked on and has a completely different range of challenges. I love to hear my father-in-law tell introduce me to people- he tells them that I've been assigned to build that airport tower and then he advises them "that you may want to drive". Well, most of you reading are here in Boise and it is so fun to be here. For the rest, I hope all is well in SD and we can't wait to come get a tan.


stadia said...

Take comfort Gabe. Your not the only one who ran the risk of being committed due to excessive cheering and yelling during the superbowl.

kkrich said...

gabe. your blog was glorious.