Friday, April 18, 2008

Moving Day

So we officially started moving in to our new house two days ago. It has been a huge cleaning project and Im hoping my baby doesnt come out all deformed from inhaling so much pine sol!
It feels so surreal to have my own house again. Gabe and I kept looking around in shock and awe - it was so great!

We spent our first night there last night, and sadly things did not go too well. We realized too late, that the thieves stole our box springs, and left our mattress. So we put together the bed only to realize that it was useless! We ended up sleeping on the airbed, and I use the term "SLEEPING" very very loosely. There was no actual sleep. It deflated TWICE, and I ended up rolling over to Gabe (like water to the low point!) all night long, making things super crowded. AND if that wasn't great enough...our heater upstairs is apparently broken and we FROZE to death. We also have these big french doors that lead out to the balcony from the master bedroom, and they have no blinds or curtains covering them. So we had tons of light flooding in ( 6 am looked like 10 am) and we heard and saw every car and airplane that was remotely close by all night long!!!!

We both got up at 630 this morning and cried (internally) over the terrible night we had. PLUS we are terribly sore from hefting giant furniture and boxes up the stairs for two days. I feel like the devil indeed did slap and kick me all night long! And the most sad part of all is that I cant drink a zip fizz for another 3 months!!!

With all the complaining said and done - the house is FAB!!!!!!! And of course, the nursery was so fun to put together! Ill get some pictures of the house up when we get stuff moved in - and when we get some furniture.

OH - For all of you who are wondering, they caught the man thief that stole our things. His name is LLOYD. And he told the police that the stuff he took was in a variety of places and that the Plasma TV was FOR SURE broken. Oh Lloyd. Not a smart man. Apparently nothing has been recovered and they told us not to hold out any hope. They went and looked where lloyd told them to, and there was nothing there. The woman apparently is still on the lamb.


The Cannons said...

That's really crappy. Moving when you are pregnant is the worst. We had to clean our apartment to the bone after we spent weeks packing only to unload it in a garage for a few months to unload it again in our house by that time I was 8 months pregnant. Not awesome. Let me know if you need some help.
Of course I offer after you are done...idiot

JustinandNichole said...

I wish I was in Boise to help hunt down the woman thief. I would string her up by her hair. In college my apartments storage space was broken into and we drove around every trailer park in Provo looking for the car (we saw them drive away).

kkrich said...

f-ing lloyd.

karma is coming.

lisa c. said...

I'm happy they caught the guy, on the upside, it can only go up from here, you can only get stuff back, he can't take any more!
I "swear word" him also...

Anna Beal said...

Ok seriously Christy, I am so free anytime to come help you out. I will carry any load a woman can carry up those stairs, just give me a call.