Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Miracle Heart

Little Baby Mia has gotten a new heart!

We were thrilled to find out that Mia has successfully completed her heart transplant surgery yesterday. Words cannot express how thankful we all are to hear that wonderful news! Please go read the good news for yourselves and see pictures of Mia with her new HEART! 


Our prayers continue to go up in behalf of the McDonald family (and also for the donor's family who is grieving their own terrible loss right now). There is still a small possibility that Mia's body might reject her new heart. We will know more on a day by day basis..so keep checking in on their family blog!

And to all of you who have offered your help THANK YOU for jumping at the chance. 
OUR CHARITY EVENT will still be taking place, but not until this JUNE (yard-sale season) since the immediate need for that huge sum of money is no longer an issue. We still want to help with the horrendous bills that the family has accrued these past 4 months with a baby in the NICU. SO KEEP COLLECTING. KEEP SPREADING THE WORD! My garage can hold ALL YOUR DONATIONS! And we will have an awesome event this summer. 

Contact me if you want to help: christycrandall@gmail.com

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The Fago Family said...

I will keep them in my prayers! I felt so honored to donate, as now that I have my own children... I couldn't imagine being in that situation! Thank you for sharing their story!