Monday, February 23, 2009

The sequel

Well, since this is so dang fun, I decided to post a few reviews that I left out last night. And I love how all of you wondered what I thought about a few of the Ladies on the Red Carpet. So naturally, I will deliver my best opinion.

First up...Many of you LOVED Miss Natalie Portman. Maybe you were wondering HOW or WHY she didnt make my "Belle of the Ball" list. Well let me explain. Even though she is itty bitty short, and she has the shortest fingers ever produced on a woman (besides Julia Styles...shudder) AND she reminds me of Food Network's Giada DeLaurentis - I do actually like her quite a bit. I blame "Garden State". Anyway...My only beef was her Grecian Goddess look is sort of becoming her signature. Here is a recent Oscar dress she donned:Pretty sad. It appears to be some type of golden curtain entagled about with cords of despair. THIS years dress, was a VAST improvement even though Im not a huge fan of weaving drapery. AND another thing that DROVE me insane about this dress - was that weird untucked/ unwoven piece in the front. Thats the greek part that tipped me over the edge. I think I could give it one swift tug and the whole thing would unravel. With that said...she looked very elegant and wasn't over done or tragic in any way. And I loved the color choice too, she looked great in the pink. 

Nextup: Will someone PLEASE put Carrie Bradshaw out of her MISERY??? I HATED Sarah Jessica Parkers dress. To me, she has completely lost her identity and become her fashion victim character from Sex and the City. "The Girls" if you will,  were ready and willing to jump right out of the top...and who could really blame them when her belt was oddly sinched so tight?? To me, she was seriously channelling her inner Dolly Parton. (And thats not a good thing).  Her man arms are in serious need of a spray tan, and while we're talking color lets discuss her hair. Brass anyone? The POOFY do' really mirrored her poofy tulle skirt making her look JUST like a cake topper. I just wish someone had told her she looked exactly like a rodeo queen. 

With such a low cut dress she really could have used some sort of necklace...but I get why she left it off - considering it would have had to compete with the busy busy zebra striping encrusted with glitter all over the bodice.  Interestingly enough, when she did pick out jewelry she went with a mid arm bangle????? Classy. And why o why are there jagged cut edges of the top spilling under her belt and onto the skirt???

Overall I wanted to throw a blanket around her and sit her in a dark corner. I never like a moment where someone starts down the red carpet - and my gut instinct is to reach over and cover my husbands eyes...(While simultaneously covering my own I might add.) sad very sad. 

*Its ok with me if any of you did like SJPs getup. This is just my poor stay at home mom opinion.



Myca said...

Haha I couldn't agree with you more! thoughts exactly.

Darcie said...

I really really liked Natalie Portman's look- I feel like she has FINALLY grown up a bit. And she had a great tan.
Agree with you on SJP- had the exact same thoughts about her chest. I can't understand why she would want to look that way at all.
But I think the person I agree with you most on is that CREEPY Tilda who never should have been let out on stage with her hair and outfit. I actually changed the channel for a second when she came on and I was screaming in horror.
Too bad I couldn't have been watching the show with you.

Anna Beal said...

Alex LOVES Natalie P!

The Fago Family said...

So good! Thank you Thank you for sharing... so funny! I did think Natalie looked a little classier, I like her darker hair and makeup. I think she pulled off the pink dress without it looking like prom... SJP.. I thought she looked like Madonna with her hair like that. It was wierd! When you looked at her fom the side, yes, her girlies were not cute and about to fall out! I like her with Straight hair or with her hair up... it wasn't cute to me! I have to agree MARISA TOMEI looked stunning! I lOVED her hair!

Dallas and Brittney said...

Hey. I would love to be featured on your blog as soon as I finish my website. I'll send you a picture of all the huggalugs I have, If you want to get any. I love them I put them on sawyer and Brylee all the time.
Thanks for the Tutu it's so cute. Grandma wanted me to leave it at her house for all the grandkids.

Carrie Hellewell said...

I love your reviews and couldn't agree more. I'm obsessed with Fashion Police on E (mostly because of my crush Christian) and they all were gushing over SJP... What?! I hated her hair and the dress. Gross.

PS. Thanks for the chamomile tea tip. It seems to have helped, even though I've only used it once. Maybe it just makes me feel better to be doing something. Anyway, thanks!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

Hi Christy!
I sent you an e-mail a few days ago, but I don't think it went through ...sorry!
Could you please e-mail me your address asap so that I can get this little valentine's gift sent off to you? Thanks!