Sunday, November 29, 2009


What gives? Its 6:28 am and I am blogging??? I blame my husbands snoring, and my uncomfortable body...mixed with my child's croup for conditioning me to be unable to sleep!!!

We had a good Thanksgiving on the Farm with Gabes family, except that I had been sick and then Brigitte got really sick and we had to pack it back to Boise a day early. She has a barky little cough and we have been sitting with her in the bathroom with the shower steaming up the room every night. Its exhausting. What in the world am I going to do with a newborn baby on the side?????

Thanks to my in-laws who selflessly offered up every inch of their home and sanity to house all of us for the big feast! The food was extravagant as always. I will NEVER be able to cook that caliber of a meal! Thanks Shelley!

My biggest source of pregnancy anxiety is the general unprepared feeling of being in charge of TWO babies all day. Nursing was less than natural for me, and I dread struggling with that all next year. And boy do I FEAR the first 4 months postpartum. I may as well check in to the looney bin right now. Mothers around the blog world - tell me how you do it! Do you ever shower again??? I said goodbye to my vanity long ago... but alas, I can sense another big shift coming my way...and I am FEARFUL!

Also, thinking about losing myself in parenthood gives me this anxiety ridden state of mental shutdown, where it triggers my desire to finish school! Did anyone else have that? I was talking with a friend last night about degree options and it totally made me want to buy a backpack. I swear my mind turned to mush in 2004 and I lost my ambition. But boy do I regret it! I have an unfinished bachelors of nursing degree hanging out in my closet....and I confess I might just go dust off the binders!

On a holiday obsessive side note - we got our tree up and some lights on the house - overall feeling very festive! Brigitte loves the lights and says WOW and CUTE!!! Shes such a funny little person, we cant get enough of her. She is talking more and more in little sentences and we LOVE IT! She can now say:
There it is!
Whered it go?
Love you (dad, mama, baby)
ohhh, Baby Jesus!
Night night baby (she tucks things in with her blanket when she says this)

And pretty much anything else I tell her to say, especially names (Kelsey, Granny, Grandpa, Keaton, Jayna, Grammy, grace, and of course (yaya) lila) She struggles with caroline, christy, and of course calls Gabe "Gay". Precious daughter!

(we put a train around the tree and she of course thought it was a death machine)

She warmed up a bit to it after some comfort from her baby.

And one of my favorite new tricks of hers is when I say, Where's Mommys baby? and She pats her tummy or mine. Sometimes she hands me her 'baby' (aka RAT blanket doll thing) and wants me to hide it under my shirt. Boy does she think thats funny! I cant wait for her to realize there is a real baby in there! She is OBSESSED with babies. We are almost as excited to see her with the newbie as we are to meet it ourselves! 

The clock is ticking down. We have our U/S on the 7th (One week!) and then we will have the envelope containing the news of Boy or Girl!  I canNOT believe I am nearly half way done with this pregnancy! Hallelujah. And I almost wish it would slow down...because soon Im going to have to actually have the baby.

I am definitely showing. Thanks to pie. So you can all feel good about your skinny selves after thanksgiving, while I get to rock my gorgeous baby bod. No picture yet. But imagine a giant dough boy. now give it my face. there, now you know exactly what I look like :)

Hope your holiday was awesome!


megan&steve said...

Christy- it was harder for me to go from 0-1 child rather than 1-2 kiddos. I shower when one of the kids is asleep (since Steve has been gone since July).
When Abby was a few weeks old I did a test run to see how the kids would react out shopping at Target. Once I completed that successfully I felt like I could go anywhere as long as the baby was fed first.
you have tons of family there to help out too. You can do it! I can't wait to hear the gender of baby number 2!

Amber said...

You will be just fine!!! I'd have to say 2 is easier than 1 emotionally. Your life changes drastically with your first but when your second comes it's like nothing! The hardest part for me has been that Grace doesn't know how to play by herself so I'm constantly having to go in her play room and find all sorts of things for her to do while I am exhausted. But my little guy is a chunk and wakes up every 2 hours around the clock so maybe you will get lucky and have a good sleeper from the beginning. I hope you do!

Anyway, you will do great. It's so fun to have a newborn again and I enjoyed it a lot more this time around! I got so bored when Grace was brand new but now I have a crazy 2 and a half year old to keep things fun and a cute little newborn I can just hold and cuddle with all day. It's the best! Oh and a shower. What is that?

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

Brigitte is a DOLL! Really, just a gorgeous baby!

I am super scared now after reading these comments on your blog .... ahhh! It sounds like it might be miserable for the first few months after I have this baby!! :(

AND I am so jealous of you and your next appointment. This pregnancy has gone by way too fast for me!!! So while you are having a fabulously fun/anxious time at your next appointment getting your U/S; just one day later, I will be starving myself and then chugging down this glucose drink ---- I can only imagine how awful it tastes :(

Whitney said...

Brigitte is so cute. Maelies baby is also that rag blanket thing that we have to take every where with us. Is is so nasty!!! But is keeps us all sane!!! I have to agree going from having one to two wasn't as bad as going from none to one. I just had to get in a routine to help me not loose it. It does add a little more stress but it is fun!!!

Caroline said...

Christy, Christy, you will be fine honest!! So long as you involve Brigitte she will be fine too!
I was really worried about Meredith when I was pregnant with Will & Fflyr as she would get jealous when the dog sat on my knee, how would she cope with 2 babies!! I made sure Meredith helped with everything (if she wanted to), nappy changing, feeding, bathing. I even managed to get all 3 to have an afternoon nap at the same time so I could have a lie down too! If you have trouble nursing, don't beat yourself up about it, I nursed Meredith, but struggled with doing twins, so they went on the bottle after a week - there is no difference in their development or their health, yeah you want to do the best for your baby but don't make everyone else suffer, including yourself. Make sure Brigitte gets some "her" time too, I started a music & movement class with Merry & when possible left Will & Fflyr at home, even now I will go out for tea with Merry (after payday) & then pick the other 2 up from nursery. I'll stop my ranting now - honest you'll be fab!

Anna Beal said...

Hope that little one feels better soon.

Designing Woman said...

Brigitte calls Gabe "Gay"....he he he.
Well, no baby advice from me (mainly because i've never had one). I'll be impressed with however you handle it. You go girl. :)

PS: I want dough-boy pics soon!

the Allers said...

Dude - I ask Preston "what's in mom's tummy?" or
"where's the baby?" all the time. His response - "Bad baby". Every time. Awesome.

And I never responded to your comment on my pregnancy post. I too feel completely housebound and haven't thought about makeup in who knows how long. I'm prepared for the worst come May. Also - I didn't get Pres home until he was 2 months, so I have no idea what I'm going to do with a newborn this time. No idea.

Jana said...

You'll be fine with two babies, I promise! I recruited Clyde early on to help out with Will, and now it works splendidly to have the three-year-old 'parent' the twenty-month-old. I'm sure I'm setting them up for some kind of 'you're not the boss of me' blowout in the future, but for now it works so well to have Clyde admonish Will for hitting/throwing food/standing in front of the TV :)

Darcy Hiaring said...

dont be afraid to ask for help with nursing. my second was a premie and we had a lot of trouble getting started. i went to the la leche league about ready to throw in the towel and within a few days we were old hat with it. and i also discovered i produced more milk the second time around ( i seriously could have nursed a third world country) where as my first time i made barely any. I know you can do it!

Dawne said...

Christy, I just stumbled across your blog today, a round about trip from Mags Freezer Friends blog. Long story short, could you send me an email, I would love to get involved in the Kuna Freezer Food Group?

Thank you.


jayna said...

Brigg's mullet being encircled by a train while crying hysterically totally made my day. Let's play as soon as you guys are feeling well enough! The Lilas need a playdate!

Jennifer said...

Will all the support you have, you will be FINE with two. I have no doubts.

I completely agree with what others have said. Going from 0-1 was harder than 1-2, 2-3, or 3-4. While each child is so different, it's all pretty much the same tricks with a few new tricks thrown in. It ain't no thang but a chicken wang. You'll be great!

Heather and Dave said...

Nope- you couldn't look like the dough boy - even if you tried and ate a million pies. You didn't get stretch marks with numero uno and you can bet your bottom dollar that you wont with this one either - you have a cute baby bump, lady I'm sure of it :) I'm nervous about baby #2 too, but we'll manage somehow. It's nice to know that they're OUR kids, and there is NO wrong way of doing things. Shorter hair makes it tough though, cause we can't just throw it back in a pony tail like you do with long hair...thank goodness hair grows fast when we take the prenatals :) Good luck with jumping back into the school're a brave woman and with gabe's help - you can do anything!