Monday, April 5, 2010


We spent the weekend up at the cabin with my family for Easter and to celebrate Lila Loos 2nd birthday. Wouldnt you know it - I forgot Brigitte's Easter Basket AND Lilas present. So I spent the weekend being self indulgent with food and sleep like a lazy pregnant fool. I came home yesterday feeling soooo HUGE and full. Its not even worth it to gorge yourself during the final month because food actually makes you feel worse. And the Insomnia. Contractions. HEARTBURN. Its a slow demise into insanity....However, it was a great weekend despite my condition. Typical behavior though, I took no pictures. So until one of my family members uploads something cute for me to steal - there will be no photographic evidence :)

At my Dr Appt on Friday I was dilated to a 1 and got the ol' membranes stripped. Which consequently is a rather painful waste of time...since I am STILL pregnant. Its ok though. This baby has no name, and Im not quite ready for him, reasons to follow.

Up at the cabin I was online perusing ebay, and my mom said Christy what are you doing? And I said shopping - its how I nest! Yes its true. I have no desire to clean out the tub...but boy am I antsy to find myself a 'home from the hospital outfit' to wear :) Ive been searching and searching for a turquoise juicy pant suit that isnt velour or terry. Yes I know, it may never happen. But i have a dream.

The other thing I have stressed about preparing lately is my bed - totally weird. But I HAD to go buy new sheets today and Ill probably HAVE to go buy new pillows tomorrow. It makes my skin crawl to think of coming home with a new baby and sliding into old sheets. This has never been an issue for me - I am not a bed snob. But apparently thats what 'nesting' does - it turns you crazy.

Id also like to have Gabe mop the floors. But this is a total waste of time until my water breaks because as I explained to him - mopping is a vicious cycle. Once you do it you have to keep doing it because every day it gets filthy again. Ironic. And the bane of my existence.

My to do list keeps getting longer and longer. But the name of the game right now is just to stay busy so I dont remember how tired and uncomfortable I am! I cant complain though - soon enough Ill be even more tired and parts of me will be a lot more uncomfortable!!! (However this exhaustion and discomfort will hopefully be taking place in my new comfy bed so as to help me cope!)

My sister in law Mitzi painted all the baseboards in her house as part of her nesting instinct. Im SO glad my husband will never witness me going to those extremes. It would be a terrible precedent to set! Imagine if he knew I could paint! Hed practically turn me into a man with chores around our house! Mitzi is just one of those girls though who can not only muster the energy to do the painting, but also fold in half nine months pregnant in order to reach the baseboards. AND she worked out her ENTIRE pregnancy. crazy.

Did you nest?


Jamie said...

I am an insane nester. I do it sometimes even when non-pregnant. Two months before Grace came, Steve joined me, and we started buying all kinds of furniture from Ikea. And baby stuff, bedding, etc. Unfortunately, I don't seem to be a nesting-cleaner, either, just a purchaser. And maybe organizer. :)

megan&steve said...

I organized and made tons of lists, and then had a hard time sleeping- thinking about those lists.
I wish I was crafty and made something beautiful or snazzy for the kids before they came, but thats just not me.
Good luck! Baby Boy Beal will be here soon.

The Cannons said...

Oh man your nesting sounds way better than cleaning insanity. Although the week before I had Gabby I worked so hard that I really have to wonder if that made her come 2 weeks early. You never know. A new outfit is a must.

Seriously you need something comfy and cute to wear after you've had the baby and you are in tons of pain and can't fit in anything anyway. It's a must. Good luck finding your outfit.

Drop Brigitte off sometime and take a break before the baby comes. Corbin loves to play with her so much.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

I think stripping the membranes is a huge joke. It did nothing for me!! Good luck in these last few weeks. Get some rest!

Nichole said...

Membrane stripping did nothing for me either. Good luck! When is the actual due date? Can't wait to meet the little guy in June!

Designing Woman said...

I love that your "dream" is a turquoise juicy outfit. You are too funny!

Myca said...

Oh girl I feel your pain...the funny thing is that I have been searching for the perfect "sweatsuit" to wear home from the hospital too...let me know if you find anything good. :)

Julia & Darren said...

I totally nested. I completely remodeled my house, color-size cordinated the babies clothes and mine. I even started cooking all sorts of things when I was 8 months preggers..I couldn't sleep at night unless the house was clean and I was dressed cute for bed (just in case the baby came that night) ha ha looking back it makes me laugh :)

Heather and Dave said...

You are going to be a mama of TWO before you know it! FUN!! I never had anything come of the membrane strippin' either...I hate when they get your hopes "the baby will probably come in 24 hours!" so you go home, try to bend to shave your legs or paint your toes...only to realize that getting induced is the only way to go :) I nested a bit - but my nesting is like and paying Maria to come clean my house :) It's heaven sent to have a cleaning lady and TOTALLY worth every penny!

Allison Bonner said...

i was too tired so i hired a cleaning service to do my nesting for me.

The Taylors said...

Christy!!! So excited for you...Looks like you all had so much fun. I heard from Denise and got my invite but I was in San Diego for my father in laws 60th birthday. I do hope that we can get together sometime. I am to happy for you guys and wow...a boy. So fun. Brenden is 26 months and he makes me laugh every day! Brigitte is SO cute! Take care me if you need anything.