Friday, December 3, 2010

Lately, Ive been weird. Some of you are laughing hideously right now because the word lately might not do it justice. But all my life I have been plagued with a short attention span. I go through these odd phases where a hobby or obsession CONSUMES all my waking hours.

For fun: A brief documentation.

As a wee tiny thumb sucking child I had a "Bee". Which was actually just a huge adult sized gross blanket with a real lion picture on it, that I used to carry around with me. It had a special corner that for some reason smelled delicious to me. I believe this to be my first addiction.

As a child, oddly enough I think my obsession was clothes. Not shopping mind you - just pickiness over what I wore. And I had ZERO style. Unless "homeless masculine blind girl channeling her inner paula abdul" qualifies as a style.  I would change my clothes a thousand times before school and have a melt down if I was forced to wear something I deemed ugly, scratchy, or cutesy. Thank goodness my fashion senses kicked in around 17. If only I had known before I could drive that a person could in fact buy clothing somewhere other than K-Mart. Although the blue light specials and layaway are as synonymous with my youth as hot pink and a crimper....(and yes that is my old nose you are seeing on the right.)

Enter teenage years. Thats when I met The Beatles. I blame my parents for not being at all educated with the worlds best band, for why it took me so long to discover them (Dont worry my Mother has more than made up for it now - with HER obsessive behavior over my Mr. McCartney. But back then she thought I was crazy.) But Paul, technically was my first love. I should specify - Paul 1965....not 1980. I knew more about the Beatles when I entered high school than anything else. Actually that might still be true of me. Sad, I know.

And then all through my high school/college days...I was of course obsessed with short term relationships. Bad ones. So for secretive purposes I wont name names or put up any soccer related photos. But that was definitely a phase of my life I am HAPPILY BLISSFULLY out of. The aces have spoken.

For the most part now, I spend my time obsessing over these 2 beauties:
And this wonderfully handsome guy:

There have also been phases of these great hobbies:
Greys Anatomy (ok, so this one is ongoing) Gluing things with mod podge, trying new recipes, writing, and even a slight flirtation with exercise.

But lately....Ive been wanting to find a new hobby. I feel empty somehow of a personal fulfillment from a selfish project of some kind. Something to help me unwind and relax. So back to the weird mentioned in the beginning of this post. Here are a few ideas ive been having:

1. Make the couch from Breakfast At Tiffanys out of an old claw foot bathtub. I have no idea how to cut cast iron...but I could get my welding gear on and try! And then of course I would need to find a goblet and a sleep mask.

2. Reborn a doll. Sorry Kallie, I know this creeps you out! But I would love to make a 'real' baby out of a doll. Check these out - they are on Ebay for THOUSANDS of dollars! Im sure mine would turn out looking super fake and even worse than when they started! You take a legit doll and strip the paint off and re-do it. Then you bedazzle it with real hair and fake but real looking eyes. Can you believe those babies are FAKES? I know some of you are thinking "Chucky" so ill move on now.

3. And finally....Ive been thinking of starting up a business. I wont disclose what yet, because it might not happen...but ive been dappling with different ideas. As many of you know I have been running my coupon site Discount Queens with a friend for the past 2 years. But I have officially signed a farewell agreement. Thats right, Tamra is moving on as a solo operation! It will be sad to part ways with my little blog -  but Im ready for a new adventure I guess and I am confident I have left it in good hands. So let me ask you this - if you could start up your dream business what would it be? Or ...what are your current obsessions/hobbies?


jayna said...

I'm alarmed by so many things in this post..where to begin...but you are full of crafty ideas that I know you'll be a success at anything you go for!

--"Don't they know they can't play football in the dark! ...they'll hurt the gymnasts..."

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

1. ew. those dolls are super creepy.

2. if you made that couch i would so buy it from you. really- what a neat idea, name the price!

3. you have NO idea how many businesses we have come so, so close to starting. i am 100% sure that one day shawn will have his own business. AND i KNOW that you could do any dang thing you want. you are SO smart and creative - for realsies - and i would be your first customer :)

can't wait to hear what your new hobby is!

Heather and Dave said...

Your obsessions are hilarious. Write a book - I'll buy it. Write about funny little stories like "People watching" or "fashion crimes" or "Crazy things that have happened to me" and have the storage unit break-in be one of them. I still remember reading about that blog post and laughing out LOUD on how funny it was the way you described the crazed, lunatic druggie. And also your labor story of baby Brigitte...haha - how you thought she was a gigantic monster eating your insides or something to that effect? Whatever you do touches to gold my sweet friend.

My obsession is photography - but lately I've been thinking of setting up a Santa Shack and doing Christmas photos - they charge like a minimum of $20 at a local one and the place is TINY! We don't have one near our place down south a bit of SLC...just at the if I can only find a perfect jolly old St. Nicholas for next year....hmmmm. And hair clips are way fun. The snap clip kind. And shopping - my favorite obsession of all, and I truly have you to thank for starting me on the coupon craze. It's too fun.
K, this is long enough.

Matt and Kelly Woodland said...


1) I have soooooo many of those crazy craft/welding projects around {{and the garage to fit all of the accompanying crap in}} it's not even funny. I am currently refinishing a chandelier, hand-making all of my Christmas Ornaments, and trying to learn how to make potato-printed burlap pillows all over the past few weeks while travelling for work.

2) i <3 your original nose. I think your momma, daddy, and Heavenly Father did a fine job. but then again, so did your surgeon. you are darling either way.

3) My sister and I have incessantly discussed opening a bakery cafe. I love baking, and making caffeinated beverages. just not eating or drinking them. whatever.

in the past three weeks alone here are the businesses that my sweet {{obsession}} of a hubby has come up with:
~mustache salon
~car dealership/driving range
~writing and selling jokes
~Christmas light hanger

I personally would not advise any of these. That said, you are so creative/brilliant/classy/fabulous that whatever you do will be perfection. But let me in on it so i can buy stuff!

Hugs from San Diego lovely friend!

Shelley Beal said...

WRITE WRITE WRITE!!!! You have a gift for sure. What have you got against being a millionaire? Do it, you'll be rich.

Darcie said...

yes, your Bee was kinda weird, but hilarious. i'm with kallie on those dolls- CREEPY! my latest obsessions have been 1-photo editing and 2- "updating" our home without spending a cent, usually requiring craftiness. i need a new path myself and am considering going back to school just to take some interesting classes. the thing holding me back is i don't want to pay tuition :)

Jana said...

I second (third? fourth?) that those 'dolls' are all sorts of disturbing.

However, I also echo the sentiments that you are hilarious and talented and will clearly be successful in whatever new endeavor you choose!

Julia said...

I agree. You should write a book. I'd totally invest in you! I've been trying to write now for awhile, but I'm using the whole "I need my own laptop" excuse before I really get started.

I have weird obsessions all the time. Lately I've been doing home made decor and paint. I'm always addicted to creating my own fashion items and shopping for Corbin.

Maren said...

if you make one of those dolls i think you have officially lost it. would you steal brigitte's hair and lashes or what? i mean, picking up and moving to idaho was one thing but this is a whole different level of crazy...i think you should do stand-up comedy. seriously. i would pay for tickets.

The Cannons said...

I think you should write a book too.

Krystle said...

Sounds like, as my friend Jenny would call it, you need to "reinvent" yourself. I'm excited to see what you produce. I for one think you should write a book, for real! You really are an amazing writer and I know we had a few a marriage/divorce book ideas back in the day ;).

Currently I am sewing, for the FIRST time ever...i'd say its going well, so far I've made a total of ONE Christmas towel.

Sherry Bobbins said...

I want the couch too! I just LOVE it!
I think you should WRITE - something - anything - and do your Beatles book for Brigitte; copy write it; pay the royalties; you will be rich!