Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Heres the plan

Im having a baby on Friday! Woo hoo!

I went in to the Dr. yesterday and he laughed because the baby is actually MORE breech than it was a few days ago. How is it possible that it traveled NORTH instead of SOUTH? It is SO high up that there is ZERO dilation or effacement, and its head is completely lodged up under my ribcage.

So, the plan is 6 am friday morning they will try to rotate the baby. If it doesnt work, I am scheduled for a 7:30 am C-Section. If by some miracle it DOES work, then I might try to be induced. Which again, was not my original plan, but hey - all bets are off now.  Dr west warned me an induction might not even work because we are starting at ZERO progress, but we decided the risk of the baby turning back to breech was enough to just opt to get the ball rolling and see what happens.

In the mean time I am spending some quality time with my chiropractor to see if we can get the baby to turn on its own. I still have hope that maybe on friday the baby will be head down and we can skip that whole turn your insides around procedure that is less than pleasant!

We'll see. Im really over any sort of "birth plan" . We've moved straight passed that and on to the 'whatever plan'. As long as I get a baby out of it Im in good shape!

See ya next time when we unveil mystery baby #3!


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

i am so sorry!! but happy you are having a baby on friday!!!! VERY EXCITING! you have been in my prayers! i will send happy labor thoughts your way... no csection!!! :)
i am so impressed with your optimism! however it happens it will be wonderful!


kecia said...

Oh man! I hope you can get the baby turnedb but if not I have done all c sections and you can make it....they are a rough recovery though! Prayers for all of you no matter which way it goes!

Emily said...

Oh, sweet girl, you are almost done. It will go great what ever way it turns out. Just a few more hours now! Love you and can't wait to find out "for sure" what this little pumpkin is!Let us know right away so the sewing can begin! I'm thinking of you like crazy and Andrea sends her love- she's always asking about you. And Chelsea too when we talk. You are in my prayers!! Yeah for getting that baby out!
Oh, and I meant to text 3 days ago- I had a dream in which the baby was 3 pounds 13 ounces- just incase you wanted to know- that's how much you've been on my mind.

Love you!!

Jana said...

So I have nothing to compare it to, but I promise that c-sections are not horrible - or maybe it's just that I usually want the (dang) baby out so much at that point that I don't care how they do it :). Good luck with everything though, I hope that silly baby turns and the c-section won't be needed!!

Erin said...

thoughts and prayers for you.
Cant wait to see what baby #3 is.
Good luck.

Kristi said...

Well??? Let us know the verdict! Gabe you need to get hoppin on this blog!